Hand luggage

Hand luggage dimensions

Oversized hand luggage represents an avoidable hazard. Access to the piers and gates is allowed only with hand luggage of a size within international standards. Under them, your bag may be at most 56 cm high, 42 cm wide and 25 cm deep. Garment bags may not exceed the “usual” dimensions. Some airlines, though, have their own rules. So find out about the hand luggage rules directly with your airline before beginning your journey. Either you already check whether your hand luggage is of the right size at home, or you simply use one of the hand luggage frames in the terminal. If you bag is outside the standard dimensions, please hand it in at check-in as hold luggage.

What is allowed in carry-on luggage?

What you are allowed in your carry-on luggage is not just a matter of weight or convenience for specific utensils, but also one of air traffic security. Special regulations are in place, especially for liquids, blades, or sprays you might want to take along. 
 A list by the ADV (German Airport Association) provides an overview of items that you may not bring onboard in your carry-on luggage.

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Electronics are certainly allowed in carry-on luggage. Depending on airline terms, they may be used in airplane mode during the flight.

All electronics must be presented separately at the security check. 


Liquids, gels, pastes and lotions are limited to 100 millilitre per container. 
Examples of common items: toothpaste, shampoo, hair gel, perfume or shaving cream, as well as beverages, soups or syrup - and also the highly popular peanut butter.
These containers must be packed in a resealable, transparent bag with a 1 litre maximum capacity. Every passenger may only carry one such bag in the carry-on luggage and must present it separately at the security check. If you don’t have a clear bag available, you may purchase it at the airport, e.g., at the supermarket or pharmacy.

Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are materials and items that present a danger while in flight.


  • Explosive materials: fireworks or ammunition, 
  • Gases, flammable materials and liquids: camping gas cartridges, defense sprays, or perfume 
  • Smoking supplies, e.g., lighter fluid, lighter cartridges, gasoline and windproof lighters (e.g., “Zippo” brand) and “anywhere” igniters with blue flames.


Blades longer than 6 centimetres may not be carried onboard. This includes nail scissors, pocket knives and nail files.

Medication and baby food

Baby and other specialised foods are not subject to the regulations for liquids and may be carried onboard in the quantities needed.
If you need medications during your flight, you may also carry these onboard. You should be able to present a prescription or doctor’s note if required.
Please present baby food and medication at the security check without being asked. 

Powder and powder-like substances

On flights to the USA, powders or powder-like substances in a volume greater than 350 ml may not be transported in carry-on luggage. We recommend that all passengers of flights to the USA avoid carrying powders or powder-like substances entirely or pack them in their checked luggage.

Should your airline not be listed here, please see our list of all airlines.